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About Pixelsmith

Pixelsmith is a web development company based in Minneapolis. We work closely with designers and creative agencies to bring projects to life with true digital craftsmanship–that means form and function. Together, we’ll build something amazing.


We’re capable problem solvers. We’re capable communicators. We love technology, but we won’t speak over your head to inflate our ego. We create a lot of sites, but by no means is that all we do. We could toss around a bunch of acronyms like some shops do and discuss CDNs, SSL, HTTP/2.0, CRMs and more, but that shouldn’t pique your interest. We care about what you care about. You want a site that adheres to a brand, but also breaks out of the box. You have some specific needs that you can’t get with an off-the-shelf solution. We want to help your projects work harder for the client so they don’t have to.

We’ve created store locators, multilingual, multisite (single admin controlling multiple sites), eCommerce, and many more. They have covered all sorts of industries from healthcare to education, and non-profits to fortune 500 companies. We love concept work, perhaps you want to leverage geolocation for a local park or use a visitors camera and have them share a story.

Do you want to have 3D on the web? Have you considered offline experiences at trade shows or conferences? Do you need metrics to prove that the direction you’ve offered your clients is working? Would an augmented or virtual reality tool to aid in your clients sales?

Let’s talk

The first date

Want to know more about us? Let’s grab lunch. Have technical questions and not sure who to ask? We’ll serve as your tech lead if you need help to scope and pitch work to your clients. We’re not a vendor who is just around to take value from your bottom line, we’re a partner poised to collaborate with you and add to your capabilities.


We’ve worked with dozens of different agencies. We’re happy to be involved from the beginning. Literally before you’ve pitched to the client. We’ll provide suggestions and recommendations to proposed plans. We’ll flag items that may be of concern or items that may seem like minor details with huge repercussions. We’re not set to one specific way, we’ll bring our own process unless you have a preferred method you’d like us to follow.

Use your team’s design resources intelligently

We generally can work out responsive layouts on our own meaning you don’t need to create as much. So much content will just stack these days that we don’t need a designer to go through every layout you’ve made to tediously stack up all those columns. We’ll save their skills for more unique layouts that don’t lend themselves well to a small screen size. This saves everyone time and money.

Existing teams

Already have a dev team? No problem, all companies workload ebb and flow. Burning out your staff doesn’t help anyone, so it’s better to distribute that work when the need arises. We can integrate into your development patterns. Whether you use JIRA for ticketing and push to a repo with branches, or if you just have a simple site with FTP credentials and need some modifications, we’ll jump in.

Are we the right Kool-aid?

Not sure where to start? We’ll have a conversation and find out what is best for you. We’re not going to force you to have it our way. We’ve have several conversations with companies wondering if our offering is the right fit and we conclude that their client would be better suited to having a simple Squarespace site or just using an off-the-shelf theme.

  • Mike Voermans
    Mike Voermans
    Head Nerd
  • Krimo Hafsaoui
    Krimo Hafsaoui
    Senior Developer
  • Dylan Guerber
    Dylan Guerber
    Senior Developer
  • James Ernst
    James Ernst
    Director of Operations
  • Rachel Mermon
    Rachel Mermon